Apparel Printing Details.

Digital Printing – Direct To Garment Printing, known as DTG printing, is printing directly in garment using inkjet technology. They are basically printers that print directly onto the fabric using inkjet technology with special inks that are applied to the fabric directly and absorbed by the fibers. This technique does not use stencils or paper stickers but only ecological ink.

Digital printing (DTG) is applied to garments which are cotton or cotton mixtures, although recent developments in technology have enabled good performance on light-colored polyester and cotton mixtures. For example, only some of the advantages of digital printing are mentioned:

  • High Photo Printing Resolution.
  • Excellent design performance on your blouse
  • no background in the drawing, the color of the blush is the background of the drawing
  • In the absence of an uncomfortable touch sensation, do not feel printed on your clothing
  • Indelible result, clothes are washed normally in the washing machine
  • excellent photo capture (mock-up) with no limitation whatsoever on the number of colors and effects.

Our clothes:

  • Unisex cotton t-shirt (190 g/m²).
  • Round Neck.
  • Classic line.
  • wash at 30 degrees and iron normally.
  • dryer is forbidden!

Tip: Wash up to 400 turns in the washing machine, do not dry clean, do not wash with chlorine, you can iron the printed fabric directly.